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Overview and history

MySQLDataViewer is a class that allows you to display the result of a MySQL query in a table form. It came up from the need that I often have to represent data in a table.

It's very simple to use. If you don't care about formatting, just instaciate a MySQLDataViewer object and call the Display method passing the result of a query as the first argument, and that's all!... But you can make your table look the way you want just adding very few lines of code.



For these examples I've used a table containing the RFC list. There are very simple queries in the example. Just use them to get the principles. This is the table structure for the eamples:

   RFC int(4) unsigned zerofill DEFAULT '0000' NOT NULL,
   Title varchar(255) NOT NULL,
   Author varchar(255) NOT NULL,
   ReleaseDate varchar(16) NOT NULL

And now the eamples:


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This software is released for public domain under the GPL license.

The author

Guido Pietrella <>