Use of events and callback to modify the way data are displayed

This is an example of how to use MySQLDataViewer.

It's possible to define callback functions to use with particular events during data display. This allows you to modify data before they are displayed, and to add user defined (calculated) fields on the table.

There are many events you can associate functions to:
As you can see, just adding very few lines of code you get professional looking tables, customized to fit your own need...
In this example we have made several customization:

RFC rows containing the word CONVENTION are displayed with a yellow background
RFC rows containing the word STANDARD are displayed with a green background
RFCs' titles are trimmed to 64 characters
the Date field of RFCs released in 2001 are printed in blue
a question mark icon has been placed in a user defined column
column titles have been made clickable to select the query ORDER BY clause

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